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The Start of the Trail

By, Hayley Marie Colston

  Hello and thank you for checking out Gypsy Trails Gallery!   Me and my dog, Marilyn, will tour our mobile art gallery throughout the country showcasing my art as well as local artists from each city we visit.  The aim is to create a community of mutual inspiration, support and growth.  A place where people can teach, learn and grow as artists.  I will encourage the endless possibilities of creation, by hosting a variety of classes and discussions, entertaining and instructional podcasts, and art parties.  These will be conducted by myself and participating artists called, Trail Blazers.

  The principle purpose of Gypsy Trails is to provide a unique and effective gallery for artists to exhibit, sell and leave a lasting impression through their art.  Each artist who exhibits with Gypsy Trails will become a Trail Blazer and have the opportunity to have a page on this site dedicated to their craft, their mission and their links.

  The preparation and business side of Gypsy Trails has been a full-time gig for about 4 years.  Most of that time has been spent working out the budget and writing the business plan.

  The first unofficial Gypsy Trails show was titled, “Faux Show.” I gave it this name because it was hosted out of a 24′ moving truck to demonstrate what the trailer will look like. I felt the best way to explain to people that I am serious about making this happen, is to make it happen.

Gypsy Trails' debut show, "Faux Show" was hosted out of a rented 24' moving truck.

Trail Blazer, Ian Kirkpatrick, discusses his artwork with onlookers.



With the success of the first show, and the invitation to return, Gypsy Trails hosted a second unofficial show, “Soul Out” on May 12, 2012 to help promote the launch on Kickstarter.

Once again, I transformed a rented 24ft moving truck into a gallery.

With Trail Blazer, Nikki Owens at the Pomona Art Walk on May 12, 2012.

  Our first Kickstarter attempt in 2012, was unsuccessful in reaching its goal, but successful in the fact that we gained more support and a great fan base.   Even though no funds were exchanged, I was honored to be picked as a Staff Pick from Kickstarter.  

   I relaunched the project again in 2013.  With the generous support from 61 backers plus 20 more at a fundraiser I hosted in Venice Beach, I was able to raise enough money to help with the purchase of 24ft enclosed trailer!

  As soon as I finished fulfilling the rewards for my family, friends and fans, I began the construction from trailer to gallery.

   I will work hard to host shows that will be invited back. We have already started this process and have hosted our first, very successful show, in Venice Beach, for the Venice Art Block.  Networking is extremely important for our success and is a main priority.  One that I cherish.  Thank you for your continued support!

Cheers ~Hayley